Self-portrait into a cafe mirror using monochrome film.

I write and I photograph. My photography has been featured on the cover of Scales Made Simple, a small violin practice book; in Monroe Community College’s Scholars’ Day Review; and in the Case Reserve Review. My photography shown is increasingly analogue, though digital still composes some of my better images.

I write primarily fiction, and within fiction primarily novels, though those are yet unpublished (I’m seeking representation for literary fiction and children’s fantasy, in case any eager agents are reading this). However, most of my writing on this site focuses on English usage—a topic rife with poor and ill-thought advice, but a topic I enjoy studying and contemplating. I hope that my growing usage dictionary, which covers prescriptive-leaning advice with some of my own opinions, aids your understanding of our beautiful and complex language.

I edit MathMouth, a site dedicated to unconventional math problems and their solutions, and copyedit on occasion. I also designed and coded this website. If you wish to contact me, please do so via Twitter or Linkedin.

Publications and Awards

The Classroom”: Bartleby Snopes (2016). Nominated for a Pushcart Prize.
Charles E. Clemens Award (2016)
Edith Garber Krotinger Prize (2015, 2016)
Eleanor Leuser Award (2015)