A Matter of Jewels

Dr. Lascus invited Marion DeLeaux, Lady Eldridge, Eike Bailer, and Eris Apolos over for drinks. Lady Eldridge wore a blue dress, and the one from Rome said he was glad nobody wore the same outfit. The banker felt she was the odd one out, being the only one in patterned clothing. Dr. Lascus told her it’s all right and offered her a drink, so she asked for a cognac. The woman in black checked her watch and suggested something lighter to start; Eike scoffed and asked for something strong, saying that in Vienna, his home, nobody begins with something light. The Lady from Brussels drank whiskey. Soon everyone was drinking heavily except for the artist, who was content with water. The guest in brown then raised a glass of vodka and made a toast to the hostess.

The art curator later complimented Marion’s pendant, and all the women agreed it was pretty. The one in green, jealous, showed off his diamond. When he revealed he bought it in Darmstadt, the woman drinking absinthe said that that’s her home city. The curator asked if the musician’s ring stays on during performances, and she begged for a small recital. Around midnight, with the Berliner’s suggestion, they went to a bar downtown. In the morning, the butler found a ring, pendant, watch, diamond, and necklace. To whom did he return each item?

Solution Marion DeLeaux: pendant
Dr. Lascus: watch
Lady Eldridge: necklace
Eike Bailer: ring
Eris Apolos: diamond